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            Elementary Arabic Language Level  

      Students should be able to do all functions they learned
      in the previous level as well as being able to:
  • Identify and write the Arabic alphabet and pronounce them fairly well.

  • Acquiring an amount of basic vocabulary to allow them simple self expression both orally and in written form.

  • Describe people and things using adjectives and colors.

  • Create with the language, (i.e. asking questions orally and in written form).

  • Read with comprehension both verbal (fi'iliyah) and nominal (ismiyah) short sentences as well as voweled and unvoweled short texts in addition to writing them.

      For detailed standards per grade
      click on one of the following links of your choice:

1st Grade standards for Arabic Language

2nd Grade standards for Arabic Language

3rd Grade standards for Arabic Language

4th Grade standards for Arabic Language

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