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  Standards for the Religious Studies Program  

Pre-Elementary Level

      Upon graduation from Kindergarten, students should:
  • Be familiar with the concept of God (ALLAH) and His uniqueness as The Creator.

  • Know Prophet Muhammad, as the example to be followed.

  • Know about God's Prophets(Adam, Nuh, Ibrahim, Sulaiman, Isa, Musa) and books (Quran, Bible, and Torah)

  • Be familiar with the Qur'an as the main source of Islamic teachings.

  • Be familiar with the basic pillars and worshiping acts (Prayer, Fasting, Zakat, Hajj)

  • Be familiar with the why and how of prayer.

  • Practice some Islamic etiquette (greeting, cleanliness, and good speaking habits, (Bismillah and Alhamdulillah)

  • Identify some essential Islamic values: (Responsibility, Honesty, Justice, Courage, Commitment, Respect, Appreciation, Generosity, Kindness, and Self-Discipline)

  • Recognize and appreciate some practical Islamic values (Hard work and doing one's best, seeking knowledge, love for parents, caring for the world around us, and kindness to animals).

  • Be familiar with the following Islamic events (Eid, Ramadan, Hajj, and Lailat ul-Qadr).

  Standards for the Religious Studies Program Per Grade

      Pre-School standards for the Religious Studies Program

      Pre-Kindergarten standards for the Religious Studies Program

      Kindergarten standards for the Religious Studies Program

       To cover this material we use the following resources:

1. Books (Developed and Published by the BIAE)

     - Learning and Living the Qur'an Pre-School & Pre-Kindergarten          

     - Learning and Living the Qur'an Kindergarten          

2. Islamic Studies Syllabus and Book List:

3. Quranic Studies Curricullum:

4. Values of the Month with its supporting Hadith:

For each month we have selected values, ethics and ahadith to teach the students a new concept in Islam.

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Some of the books we developed
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